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The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for mankind, and clear proofs of the guidance, and the Criterion (of right and wrong). And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month, and whosoever of you is sick or on a journey, (let him fast the same) number of other days. Allah desireth for you ease; He desireth not hardship for you; and (He desireth) that ye should complete the period, and that ye should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that peradventure ye may be thankful. (Al-Baqarah : 185 - Medinan)
Will they not then ponder on the Qur'an? If it had been from other than Allah they would have found therein much incongruity. (An-Nisa' : 82 - Medinan)
O ye who believe! Ask not of things which, if they were made unto you, would trouble you; but if ye ask of them when the Qur'an is being revealed, they will be made known unto you. Allah pardoneth this, for Allah is Forgiving, Clement. (Al-Ma'idah : 101 - Medinan)
Say (O Muhammad): What thing is of most weight in testimony? Say: Allah is Witness between me and you. And this Qur'an hath been inspired in me, that I may warn therewith you and whomsoever it may reach. Do ye in sooth bear witness that there are gods beside Allah? Say: I bear no such witness. Say: He is only One Allah. Lo! I am innocent of that which ye associate (with Him). (Al-An'am : 19 - Meccan)
And when thou bringest not a verse for them they say: Why hast thou not chosen it? Say: I follow only that which is inspired in me from my Lord. This (Qur'an) is insight from your Lord, and a guidance and a mercy for a people that believe. (Al-A'raf : 203 - Meccan)
And when the Qur'an is recited, give ear to it and pay heed, that ye may obtain mercy. (Al-A'raf : 204 - Meccan)
(O Qureysh!) If ye sought a judgment, now hath the judgment come unto you. And if ye cease (from persecuting the believers) it will be better for you, but if ye return (to the attack) We also shall return. And your host will avail you naught, however numerous it be, and (know) that Allah is with the believers (in His Guidance). (Al-Anfal : 19 - Medinan)
Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur'an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph. (At-Tawbah : 111 - Medinan)
And this Qur'an is not such as could ever be invented in despite of Allah; but it is a confirmation of that which was before it and an exposition of that which is decreed for mankind - Therein is no doubt - from the Lord of the Worlds. (Yunus : 37 - Meccan)
We narrate unto thee (Muhammad) the best of narratives in that We have inspired in thee this Qur'an, though aforetime thou wast of the heedless. (Yusuf : 3 - Meccan)
Had it been possible for a Lecture to cause the mountains to move, or the earth to be torn asunder, or the dead to speak, (this Qur'an would have done so). Nay, but Allah's is the whole command. Do not those who believe know that, had Allah willed, He could have guided all mankind? As for those who disbelieve, disaster ceaseth not to strike them because of what they do, or it dwelleth near their home until the threat of Allah come to pass. Lo! Allah faileth not to keep the tryst. (Ar-Ra'd : 31 - Medinan)
We have given thee seven of the oft-repeated (verses) and the great Qur'an. (Al-Hijr : 87 - Meccan)
Those who break the Qur'an into parts. (Al-Hijr : 91 - Meccan)
And when thou recitest the Qur'an, seek refuge in Allah from Satan the outcast. (An-Nahl : 98 - Meccan)
Lo! this Qur'an guideth unto that which is straightest, and giveth tidings unto the believers who do good works that theirs will be a great reward. (Al-Isra : 9 - Meccan)
We verily have displayed (Our warnings) in this Qur'an that they may take heed, but it increaseth them in naught save aversion. (Al-Isra : 41 - Meccan)
And when thou recitest the Qur'an we place between thee and those who believe not in the Hereafter a hidden barrier; (Al-Isra : 45 - Meccan)
And We place upon their hearts veils lest they should understand it, and in their ears a deafness; and when thou makest mention of thy Lord alone in the Qur'an, they turn their backs in aversion. (Al-Isra : 46 - Meccan)
And (it was a warning) when we told thee: Lo! thy Lord encompasseth mankind, and We appointed the sight which We showed thee as an ordeal for mankind, and (likewise) the Accursed Tree in the Qur'an. We warn them, but it increaseth them in naught save gross impiety. (Al-Isra : 60 - Meccan)
Establish worship at the going down of the sun until the dark of night, and (the recital of) the Qur'an at dawn. Lo! (the recital of) the Qur'an at dawn is ever witnessed. (Al-Isra : 78 - Meccan)
And We reveal of the Qur'an that which is a healing and a mercy for believers though it increase the evil-doers in naught save ruin. (Al-Isra : 82 - Meccan)
Say: Verily, though mankind and the jinn should assemble to produce the like of this Qur'an, they could not produce the like thereof though they were helpers one of another. (Al-Isra : 88 - Meccan)
And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Qur'an all kind of similitudes, but most of mankind refuse aught save disbelief. (Al-Isra : 89 - Meccan)
And (it is) a Qur'an that We have divided, that thou mayst recite it unto mankind at intervals, and We have revealed it by (successive) revelation. (Al-Isra : 106 - Meccan)
And verily We have displayed for mankind in this Qur'an all manner of similitudes, but man is more than anything contentious. (Al-Kahf : 54 - Meccan)
We have not revealed unto thee (Muhammad) this Qur'an that thou shouldst be distressed, (Ta-Ha : 2 - Meccan)
Then exalted be Allah, the True King! And hasten not (O Muhammad) with the Qur'an ere its revelation hath been perfected unto thee, and say: My Lord! Increase me in knowledge. (Ta-Ha : 114 - Meccan)
Nay, but their hearts are in ignorance of this (Qur'an), and they have other works, besides, which they are doing; (Al-Mu'minoon : 63 - Meccan)
And the messenger saith: O my Lord! Lo! mine own folk make this Qur'an of no account. (Al-Furqan : 30 - Meccan)
And those who disbelieve say: Why is the Qur'an not revealed unto him all at once? (It is revealed) thus that We may strengthen thy heart therewith; and We have arranged it in right order. (Al-Furqan : 32 - Meccan)
Ta. Sin. These are revelations of the Qur'an and a Scripture that maketh plain; (An-Naml : 1 - Meccan)
Lo! as for thee (Muhammad), thou verily receivest the Qur'an from the presence of One Wise, Aware. (An-Naml : 6 - Meccan)
Lo! this Qur'an narrateth unto the Children of Israel most of that concerning which they differ. (An-Naml : 76 - Meccan)
And to recite the Qur'an. And whoso goeth right, goeth right only for (the good of) his own soul; and as for him who goeth astray - (Unto him) say: Lo! I am only a warner. (An-Naml : 92 - Meccan)
Lo! He Who hath given thee the Qur'an for a law will surely bring thee home again. Say: My Lord is Best Aware of him who bringeth guidance and him who is in error manifest. (Al-Qasas : 85 - Meccan)
Verily We have coined for mankind in this Qur'an all kinds of similitudes; and indeed if thou camest unto them with a miracle, those who disbelieve would verily exclaim: Ye are but tricksters! (Ar-Rum : 58 - Meccan)
And those who disbelieve say: We believe not in this Qur'an nor in that which was before it; but oh, if thou couldst see, when the wrong-doers are brought up before their Lord, how they cast the blame one to another; how those who were despised (in the earth) say unto those who were proud: But for you, we should have been believers. (Saba' : 31 - Meccan)
By the wise Qur'an, (Ya seen : 2 - Meccan)
Sad. By the renowned Qur'an, (Sad : 1 - Meccan)
And verily We have coined for mankind in this Qur'an all kinds of similitudes, that haply they may reflect; (Az-Zumar : 27 - Meccan)
Those who disbelieve say: Heed not this Qur'an, and drown the hearing of it; haply ye may conquer. (Fussilat : 26 - Meccan)
Or have We given them any scripture before (this Qur'an) so that they are holding fast thereto? (Az-Zukhruf : 21 - Meccan)
And they say: If only this Qur'an had been revealed to some great man of the two towns? (Az-Zukhruf : 31 - Meccan)
And when We inclined toward thee (Muhammad) certain of the jinn, who wished to hear the Qur'an and, when they were in its presence, said: Give ear! and, when it was finished, turned back to their people, warning. (Al-Ahqaf : 29 - Meccan)
Will they then not meditate on the Qur'an, or are there locks on the hearts? (Muhammad : 24 - Medinan)
Qaf. By the Glorious Qur'an, (Qaf : 1 - Meccan)
We are Best Aware of what they say, and thou (O Muhammad) art in no wise a compeller over them. But warn by the Qur'an him who feareth My threat. (Qaf : 45 - Meccan)
And in truth We have made the Qur'an easy to remember; but is there any that remembereth? (Al-Qamar : 17 - Meccan)
And in truth We have made the Qur'an easy to remember; but is there any that remembereth? (Al-Qamar : 22 - Meccan)
And in truth We have made the Qur'an easy to remember; but is there any that remembereth? (Al-Qamar : 32 - Meccan)
And in truth We have made the Qur'an easy to remember; but is there any that remembereth? (Al-Qamar : 40 - Meccan)
Hath made known the Qur'an. (Ar-Rahman : 2 - Medinan)
That (this) is indeed a noble Qur'an (Al-Waqi'ah : 77 - Meccan)
If We had caused this Qur'an to descend upon a mountain, thou (O Muhammad) verily hadst seen it humbled, rent asunder by the fear of Allah. Such similitudes coin We for mankind that haply they may reflect. (Al-Hashr : 21 - Medinan)
Say (O Muhammad): It is revealed unto me that a company of the Jinn gave ear, and they said: Lo! we have heard a marvellous Qur'an, (Al-Jinn : 1 - Meccan)
And (the Jinn who had listened to the Qur'an said): We had sought the heaven but had found it filled with strong warders and meteors. (Al-Jinn : 8 - Meccan)
Or add (a little) thereto - and chant the Qur'an in measure, (Al-Muzzammil : 4 - Meccan)
Lo! thy Lord knoweth how thou keepest vigil sometimes nearly two-thirds of the night, or (sometimes) half or a third thereof, as do a party of those with thee. Allah measureth the night and the day. He knoweth that ye count it not, and turneth unto you in mercy. Recite, then, of the Qur'an that which is easy for you. He knoweth that there are sick folk among you, while others travel in the land in search of Allah's bounty, and others (still) are fighting for the cause of Allah. So recite of it that which is easy (for you), and establish worship and pay the poor-due, and (so) lend unto Allah a goodly loan. Whatsoever good ye send before you for your souls, ye will find it with Allah, better and greater in the recompense. And seek forgiveness of Allah. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful. (Al-Muzzammil : 20 - Meccan)
Lo! We, even We, have revealed unto thee the Qur'an, a revelation; (Al-Insan : 23 - Medinan)
And, when the Qur'an is recited unto them, worship not (Allah)? (Al-Inshiqaq : 21 - Meccan)
Nay, but it is a glorious Qur'an. (Al-Burooj : 21 - Meccan)
Lo! this (Qur'an) is a conclusive word, (At-Tariq : 13 - Meccan)
For the taming of Qureysh. (Al-Quraish : 1 - Meccan)